Freerunning Russians, Now in HD

07.08.11 Marina Galperina

RUNSLAVARUNHow could they? The very charm of Rusky parkour lies in its incredibly shitty production value and life threatening interactions with dilapidated Soviet architecture… and this? This might be the most overproduced Slav freerunning video of all time. Sacrilege!

What we see here is a bunch of visibly un-poor kids doing back flips in tiltfocus and terrifying babushkas by break dancing mid an intersection in slow-mo fast-mo slow-mo. Ok, there’s some impressive wall climbing involved and we even get an HD peek into one of their deep, bleeding occupational gashes, but for the most part, we don’t get that oh-shit-someone-is-going-to-die feeling we enjoy in dare devil and disaster home videos from Russia.

C’mon. Less reel, more real.