A graffiti writer hailing from France and wanted by authorities in two states, was arrested in early December at Newark Airport, as he was preparing to fly back to Paris, where he has a criminal record for painting stuff. And that’s how they caught him here.

After some transatlantic liaisons between cops, it was determined that his real name was Maxime Bezat and that he writes “RASK.” Port Authority police made the bust and he was then extradited to Boston to face charges for painting a MBTA train. The 25-year-old paid a $2500 fine to forego a trial.

But his legal troubles aren’t over. He apparently had warrants in New York as well for painting subway cars in Brooklyn and Queens on two different occasions says a source. So, Bezat was transferred to Rikers Island on Tuesday and was being held on a $3,500 bail, which according to the Department of Correction website, has been paid as of today! After 26 days of incarceration by various authorities, he now appears to be free. Vive la Liberté! (Photo: Massachusets Bay Transportation Authority)