Graffiti-Covered Subway Footage

03.29.11 Bucky Turco

Here’s what the Times Square station looked like 25 years ago. The footage was shot with a 16mm film camera in June of ’86, about three years before the MTA officially implemented its “clean train” policy and took subway cars festooned with graffiti out of service. Also of interest, signs for the “K” and “CC” trains.

Interestingly, the video might have been longer had it not been for a warning by an ABC employee, according to the YouTube description:

After I time a man comes to me and said, he’s a cameraman at ABC and filming at the subway is strictly forbidden without any permission and police is on the other end of the platform. So I was leaving the station, but I had these beautiful pics of the old times in the New York subway.

Don’t fall into the same trap, shooting film and video in NYC’s transit system is perfectly legal.