The Graphic Artists Guild is officially withdrawing its support for the H.R.3261 Stop Online Piracy Act, a.k.a. the first American internet censorship bill. Sure, they were hot for protecting intellectual property, but since SOPA “may do more harm than good,” the Guild has come to its senses… after reading all those emails and tweets “expressing dissent” at them. The Graphic Artists Guild hasn’t donated a cent to SOPA, but here’s who has. You know what to do.

Since Go Daddy’s support for SOPA caused a mass exodus of clients, the domain registrar has since withdrawn its support with some schmaltzy press posturing, but fuck ’em anyway.

Yet, SOPA losing funding is good news. Among the stubborn SOPA supporters: Viacom, Walmart, Disney. The opposition: Google, Yahoo, AOL. Other “specific organizations” actively opposing the bill: Boing Boing, Twitter, Kickstarter, American Society of News Editors, Reporters Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, 4Chan… Yeah, 4Chan is a “specific organization.”

What’s next? At the center of the issue, it’s SOPA-supporting Directors Guild of America Vs. SOPA-opposing Torrentfreak. Wonder what would happen if the Directors Guild got some informative mail?