According to a new report by a researcher at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, growing weed indoors sucks up a lot of resources, mainly electricity (1% of the country’s supply), and generates a huge carbon footprint.

Energy analyst Evan Mills says the proliferation of medical pot, in California especially, is exasperating the problem.

Although it’s true that tons of cannabis is grown outdoors, the majority of dispensaries prefer the indoor stuff and between that legal market and all the illicit cultivators forced inside because of the current laws, it’s creating major power issues for the state.

Here’s a suggestion for reducing the impact of carbon dioxide, stop cutting down trees for paper and legalize hemp. As for the electricity consumption, decriminalize weed so everyone can come out of the woodwork and use innovative ways to grow the chron like greenhouses, more energy efficient bulbs, or photovoltaic cells.