Hack Tate With Alternative Museum Guide

Liberate Tate, the activist group that tarred and feathered UK’s BP-sponsored museum last year, is working on an “Alternative Tate” audio tour/guide and looking for sound artists. Fight off Big Oil’s slimy fingers with this paid gig… and a smashing example of museum hacking!

Environmentally conscious “guerilla mash-up DJs,” “field recording specialists,” musicians, radio playwrights: Get at this!

Liberate Tate has a history of challenging the corporate presence of large oil companies inside cultural institutions, a presence that we feel compromises culture and expression. The alternative audio tour will be part of a broader endeavor to stimulate debate around the relationship between art, oil and climate change.

The artwork could come into contact with issues and themes of control, democracy, censorship, Freedom of Information, voice, corporate power, ecological disasters, creative freedom or the role of museums and galleries in creating and historically capturing culture.

Seems like the perfect next step after smearing Tate in oil. They’ve got your attention and now it’s time to educate.

Submit your proposal by April 11.