Recent video footage caught on a bystander’s cellphone shows the horrific attack of a homeless man in Harlem.

Witnesses say a man with a bloody eyepatch ran towards him while yelling “you owe me money” and then proceeded to stab him multiple times in the neck with a pocketknife.

This all happened near the 23rd Precinct station house in front of a handful of toddlers and their nannies as well as about 20 other people.

The NYPD promptly arrived on the scene with guns drawn, the man continued the assault. One person can be heard off camera repeatedly yelling, “hit him in the head.” It was a surreal scene as the crowd was probably expecting the usually trigger happy cops to shoot the guy or something, yet even with them surrounding the suspect, he refused to stop. You know it’s a strange day in New York when there’s people begging the police to use force. See the entire graphic video below.