Audience-dividing irritant Harmony Korine’s new short film with James Franco and alleged “real gun fight” will look something like this. See the full Franco-leaked NSFW photo of Franco getting grinded on by a group of nude black women in red bandannas below.

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Rebel will premiere at the Venice Biennale, meanwhile Franco Tweeted and then deleted ridiculous behind-the-scenes-ish, Notorious B.I.G.-scored vids of himself and extras bike-riding around an empty parking lot in Tupac t-shirts.

After Korine’s short fashion film Act Da Fool, is his mainstream oeuvre slipping from social provocation to straight up exploitation? Or is he setting up the prolifically overexposed James Franco, like he did Johnny Depp (with a finger up his own ass, literally)? Here’s to a career built on fucking with us.

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