A reader who shares my affection for a certain local tabloid, was on his way to an art exhibit in Downtown Brooklyn recently and saw a hawk hanging out on the sidewalk. He snapped a few photos of the bird and then it was gone, but a New York Post reporter appeared. Blown away by the shots, the scribe asked the photographer to email them to the paper. However, his Occupy Wall Street conscience got the best of him and although he did send an email, the photos were not attached, those he sent to ANIMAL with this amusing account:

(Photos: Clams Rockefeller/ANIMALNewYork)

“I walked over to check out ESPO’s show on Livingston street Saturday afternoon, and ran across this hawk, who was apparently just spending his Saturday hanging out near the Fulton Mall. He seemed pretty calm, hung around for about ten minutes, and only flew away when a dog eventually got too close to him– at which point everyone started yelling at the dog owner and calling him an asshole. People love hawks as it turns out.  

Also, a mother walked by with her two small kids and told them to “check out the owl.”

I wouldn’t have really thought any of this newsworthy, but some dude showed up a few minutes later and was asking all about what happened. I showed him these photos, and then he left, but returned a minute later to ask if I would send him some copies. I said yes at first, then asked what he wanted them for. It turned out that he works for the NY Post, so I took the email address he gave me for the photo desk, then went home and emailed them this message:


I met someone from your publication in front of 200 Livingston street, where he was looking for a hawk that had landed on the sidewalk and attracted a crowd. He seemed like a nice enough fellow, and since he had missed the spectacle, I showed him some of the photos I had gotten– including one of a dog who scared the bird away. He mentioned that your photo desk would like to have a copy of it for the paper, and I would have been happy to provide it to him for free– if it wasn’t for the fact that I am a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I think that your publication’s coverage of the movement has ranged from shoddy and erroneous, to down right obnoxious, and as a result, I have decided that I am not willing to support the New York Post in any way.  If you know of a publication with a more positive attitude towards the OWS movement, please let me know, as I would be happy to share the image with them.



It occurs to me now that Animal does indeed have a better attitude about OWS, so I figured I would send the pics over in case you wanted them. Either way, fuck the Post.”