High-heeled Women in Strange Swimming Pools

06.07.11 Marina Galperina

There’s a feminist undercurrent in these aquatic-tinted photographs. These faceless women — stretching and spreading limbs in stilettos — are all professional athletes and dancers. Jill Greenberg’s Glass Ceiling was inspired by her commercial assignment to shoot the Olympic Synchronized Swim Team in heels. She thought it was absurd.

She was, however, intrigued by the tension that the sexy restricting shoe-wear imposed on her subjects. The models in her new series pirouette in the pool, struggle with “ambiguous” movement and rush for the surface “gasping for air while wrestling with the weight of the water as a metaphor for the role women must play in the outside world.” The series confronts “the setup of being a woman.” It’s also pretty. “Glass Ceiling,” Jill Greenberg, Jun 16 – Aug 19, ClampArt Gallery, NYC