Hollywood’s Favorite New York Alley Ruined by Luxury Condo

12.29.11 Marina Galperina

There aren’t a lot of alleys in New York as every inch of space is absorbed into some real estate’s lucrative square footage. That sucks for Hollywood, because Hollywood loves grimy “New York alleys.” This one in Tribeca — lovingly preserved to look gritty so it can star in dozens of films — is now “indefinitely” out of action as a condo will soon wedge right up to it.

Franklin Place alley owner Robert Moezinia recalls finding dead bodies in his alley, then Law and Order “finding dead bodies” in his alley. See, these swanky parts have gotten much too pretty and these few “archetypal” New York alleys are actually privately owned, forcefully preserved spots. They’re rented out at $5,000 to $10,000 a day.

After 15 years of movie/TV/commercial stardom, Franklin Place alley slowly sealing up. This ridiculous graffiti bit from a superfluous Men in Black sequel just might be your last glimpse of it. Say bye-bye.