Ted Williams, Ohio’s homeless man with a killer radio voice was made mega-viral by Reddit yesterday. Columbus Dispatch videotaped Williams, but Reddit catapulted him into mainstream news everywhere (even CNN gave Reddit cred) and organized efforts to find and help “the Man with the Golden Voice.” And… he’s already getting offers. Soon, the Brooklyn born man will be going back to Bed Stuy to make his 92-year-old mother believe him.

Here are some notable offers so far: Voice-over work for the Ohio Credit Union League for $10,000, narration for WBNS-TV’s “One Day to End Homelessness” telethon and full-time job and a house from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Reddit people personally offered suits, fancy shoes, a phone, a website, producing services, studio use, someone’s morning show position at Clear Channel, work in the UK, jingles for Germany and more.

See the video that started it all below and the discovered Ted Williams in happy tears on the Early Show below that. He thanks God (in a someone-is-looking-out-for-me way, not man-in-the-clouds way). Reddit is God, you guys! Well, at the very least, a successful community outreach on a web-wide level. Happy happy tears.

Quality field reporting from The Columbus Dispatch:

…and with a little help from Reddit:

(Images: YouTube and WNCI)