This is artist Andrew Glavani recording the sound of a collapsing iceberg. This sound, layered and amplified, can crack other icebergs. [Sound of your mind being blown.] Other documents in the 2011 Higg’s Ocean series show what a 100,000 ANSI Lumens Beam powered by natural solar energy (harnessed by photovoltalic panels) looks like shining through the frozen daylight at the Svalbard Islands of the Arctic Circle.

Glavani collaborated with a science team in New York before sailing off into the Arctics, experimenting with light, sound and the retransmission of solar energy. Note artifact Higg’s Ocean #1, a car equipped with solar panel, submerged by a January snow storm. Deep. In snow. “Melancholy Is Not Enough,” Group Show, Dec 15 – Feb 19, Pavillion Unicredit, Bucharest, Romania