This is for all those who saw Russia’s hot, new, cheap, flesh-rotting heroin alternative crokodil and went, “Cool, where can I get some?” Here’s a gross video of a croc house.

It looks like a poor Russian person’s apartment. ‘Cause that’s what it is. “This is this addict’s first and last interview. His brain has already rotted. He was dead hours after we shot this.” “This guy couldn’t even be lifted out of his bed. He just fell apart.”

They call them “living zombies.” Because it takes so little time for crocodile/krokodil/desomorphine users to experience the side effects, they’re often discovered too late with flesh literally rotting off their bones (see second video). They’re so hopeless that the only clinics that specialize in their attempted rehabilitation are staffed by Evangelical Christians.

Warning: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC after the 5:00 mark.