Remember those Simpsons’ helicopter gag gasps of insurgency against their FOX overlords? Yeah, barely. Now, after 23 seasons and almost 500 episodes, looks like News Corp is tightening its grip around the show’s throat, with the executives forcing the actors to take a draconian 45% pay cut or eat their shorts, presumably.

The primary six actors (who play dozens of characters) raking in $8 million a year didn’t want to see their earnings shrink to $4 million, so they bargained to accept a 35% pay cut instead, if they get a small percentage of those sweet merch billions that creators Brooks and Groening are allowed to suckle at. FOX said nope. It’s 45% or 100%. The actors and the studio (who have repeatedly threatened to replace the cast with sound-alikes throughout the years) are in a negotiating impasse which could effectively mean the end to the longest running prime time TV series.

Now, despite of what we think about the diminishing quality of the series, looking back at these “FOX News is #1 With Racists” gags, don’t they somehow look a lot ballsier than they did in 2010? What’s changed?

Anyway, enjoy the Ren & Stimpy-esque couch gag. Make those good memories last.