A fire at a major wastewater treatment plant in Hamilton Heights is fucking things up for the rest of the city. The facility, located on the Hudson River between 137th and 145th Streets, is discharging millions of gallons of raw sewage, effecting that waterway as well as others.

So, NYC’s health department has issued an advisory, warning people to avoid water sports and fishing, but only if you actually plan on eating your catch:

[B]ased on recommendations from NYC Health, the Hudson River, the East River from the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge to Verrazano Bridge, the Harlem River and the Kill Van Kull to the Goethals Bridge will not be fit for recreational activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing or any other water activity that would entail possible direct contact now through at least Sunday. Also, consuming fish caught from these areas is not recommended for anyone until the pollution advisory is resolved. It is recommended that individuals catch and release fish back into the water.

Even when the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant comes back online, you may want to follow this advice.