Since the MTA upped the price of its monthly pass, you might be thinking about flying around by private jet or helicopter. Before you go this route, you must consider whether you can afford it.

Helpfully, Business Insider gives us a price-check on local helicopter service:

“Two pilots, constant maintenance, fuel, it all adds up — figure around 7-grand for a one-way flight to the Hamptons or $2,000 to Teterboro airport.

Seven thousand dollars isn’t much of a deal, if you think about it. The trick to making such a trip cost-effective seems to be loading up the helicopter with friends and fellow travelers to drive down the price. If you take 2,800 people with you to the Hamptons, then you will only pay $25 each. The flight will be cramped, but not very long. Some of the travelers can sit on the propellers (spectacular views).

Still, thousands of people piled into/on top of a helicopter is pretty tight. And maybe you are claustrophobic. Then what? Interestingly, it seems you can take a private jet instead of a helicopter and get much farther for less than the Hamptons helicopter ride:

XOJET [some company based in California] is changing the face of private jet flight by offering charter flights, as opposed to fractional ownership. It costs $19,000 for a flight from NY to L.A. in a plane that holds nine passengers.

If all of your friends chip in, then the overall price per person isn’t too bad. Plus, AMENITIES! “Picture leather seats, hardwood veneers and relative quiet. No headsets, microphones or security check required,” BI reports. XOJet also offers wifi, so you can ignore all the luxury and comfort around you while catching up on TMZ’s reports on other, richer people’s private jet rides. And if you’re flying cross-country to smuggle drugs, you’ll dramatically reduce the likelihood of being caught, at least for a while.

If you’ve decided that private flights are your style, be aware that the costs might go up if the Senate increases the taxes on fuel for private plane rides. But the legislation doesn’t seem to affect helicopters, so your local travel expenses shouldn’t go up by much.