Brooklyn-based designer and hopeless AFOL David Cole made some “taxidermied” deer, fox and bear figures out of Legos. Oh, they’re so cute, right? First the internet wanted them all. Now the internet wants more, more, more. Seriously, he’s back-ordered for 1,500 of these little things, which are essentially pixelated animals in IRL, comprised of “mostly new” Lego bits and hand-drawn instructions at just under $30 a pop.

Solid, simple idea? Check. Viral hit? Check check. Imaginative copy? Check check check: “Remember your hunting days with this mounted deer LEGO kit: the morning dew, the crunch of the field under your fancy boots, the sad eyes of the majestic, dying animals. It will all come swirling back to you as you assemble these 60-ish pieces.” Or, you know, thusly avoid hunting.