The notorious serial killer and/or suicide rights case worker — depending on your outlook — has recently died from kidney problems and pneumonia complications at 83. According to his obit in The New York Times, Dr. Death took up euthanasia in ’80s “after an undistinguished career in medicine and an unsuccessful try at a career in the arts.”

The artist’s comment on For He is Raised, the one with the macabre rabbits:

The annual resurrection by dumb bunnies of a pathetic, despairing, almost scorned image of purported divinity is hardly noticeable amid the garish paraphernalia of irresistible paganism at its vernal orgy. It is a spectacle badly conceived, poorly manipulated and superbly desecrated by the disciples of Mammon, who, with armfuls of brilliant multi-colored eggs and with gleeful joy, framed in parade-stopping millinery, might, in a rare pseudo-pious mood briefly condescend to acknowledge some sort of disquieting mystery pervading it all. Such is the perfunctory Easter of modern western society that seems to have lost appreciation for anachronisms like rods and staffs and angels and lambs.

The art is currently on view at Armenian Library and Museum of America in Watertown, Massachusetts and online at the Ariana Gallery where you can purchase it in postcard form — for the morbid friend that has everything!

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