A new media producer just cashed out $10K for an artwork that exists entirely in actor/prolific-art-dabbler James Franco’s head from the Museum of Non-Visible Art. They sell placards for imaginary works of art. Yet, the gut-wrenching level of irony of their presentation makes me want to slap Franco.

There’s nothing wrong with the project itself. Essentially, you are buying an autograph. Who cares that it looks like… nothing. They sell Picasso’s doodles for millions, after all.

Here’s the description of the work, Fresh Air:

A unique piece, only this one is for sale. The air you are purchasing is like buying an endless tank of oxygen. No matter where you are, you always have the ability to take a breath of the most delicious, clean-smelling air that the earth can produce. Every breath you take gives you endless peace and health. This artwork is something to carry with you if you own it. Because wherever you are, you can imagine yourself getting the most beautiful taste of air that is from the mountain tops or fields or from the ocean side; it is an endless supply.

That’s so terrible, snobs will scoff themselves to death. Way to go, Franco.