Behold, the single most harmless “graffiti” artist in NYC. He’s the opposite of anonymous. He lists Banksy and “Bas-KEE-at” as his influences. The city already buffed his spray-doodle once, but he just put it up again and says he’ll pay for the clean up costs. Cute.

Since a city worker whitewashed Carrey’s little stencil thingy on his West Village studio wall earlier this week, the actor is pissed!

That is, smiling politely:

I’m having a lot of fun, being creative, never felt better in my life, really having a good time… I don’t want to criticize anybody, but it’s a little bit shortsighted — painting over art. Didn’t Basquiat start that way? I’m not comparing myself, but you know, some good things came from that. Banksy. Heck of a lot of modern artists came from street art. I know they’ve got their rules and stuff but it’s a very light-hearted thing. It’s a little bit rebellious at this point…

The unrepentant menace to city government continues his vicious tirade:

This gentleman has a job to do… He has his rules and stuff. So I wouldn’t upset anyone’s job, but I’m doing my job as an artist. I’m putting it back up and they can take it down again if they want to. And it’s ok with me. I’ll even pay for it.

And then, will he do it up again?


Hell hath no fury!

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