John Baldessari’s $100,000 ‘Bill Board’ at the High Line

12.06.11 Marina Galperina

Since David Byrne shoved a moaning planet under the High Line, we’ve been waiting for another festive spruce-up and you can’t really get more festive than a giant $100,000 dollar bill, thanks to the never-boring art stalwart John Baldessari. Excellent. Also, nauseating.

The greenish Woodrow Wilson peeks above 18th Street from a 25-foot-by-75-foot billboard. This here “ad” is a replica of a real, sad currency. 42,000 were printed during the Great Depression. Today, had this one not been extreme novelty sized, it would be worth $1,635,664.18. Fun fact. Na-na na-na na-na.

Baldessari has dubbed this piece The First $100,000 I Ever Made (2011), though it’s unclear who this “I” person is, since this one “perfect” Baldessari painting is auctioned at 1,500,000 – 2,000,000 USD, for example.