JPMorgan Executive Restroom Transplanted to LES Restaurant

09.27.11 Marina Galperina

Copenhagen art crew Superflex has created a “life-sized, detailed, and functional replica” of the executive restroom of the New York JPMorgan Chase headquarters inside Olympic Restaurant on Delancey, so any purveyors of the LES Greek joint can experience being in the seat of authority whilst shitting like kings and “contemplating the structures of power that become imbued in even the most unassuming architectural spaces.” 

The Power Toilets/JPMorgan Chase installation was created for the Creative Time New York exhibition Living as Form. In the Netherlands, the Superflex collective has built a copy of the restroom from “one of the most secure buildings in the world” — the UN Security Council in NY. “Living As Form,” Creative Time, Sep 24 – Oct 16, NYC