JR Puts Faces on Palestine and Israel

09.08.11 Marina Galperina

Street artist JR’s most recent project in the Middle East just goes to prove that his work really achieves full potential in third world and conflict-torn countries — not so much on trendy, metropolitan intersections. The artist set up photo-booths and printing salons in Israel’s Tel Aviv and Haifa and Palestine’s Bethlehem and Ramallah cities, providing a thousand people a day with giant black and white posters of their faces to paste anywhere, in exchange for a personal beliefs statement.

As part of the Inside Out Project, Time Is Now, Yalla! run September 3-11 and hopes to comment on “a reshaping of the Arab world and of Israeli society urging for social justice,” namely the hopes of peace and a two state system wherein Palestine and its people have actual UN-mandated rights. (Gasp!)