While the independent film industry dies a violent, convulsing death, Kevin Smith’s got his shit together. That is, he just doesn’t give a shit. After premiering his Red State horror flick at Sundance last night wherein shot gun wielding Republicans go stranger than normal, he “sold” his film to himself – the highest bidder – for $20.

Now comes the self-funded 13 stop tour, the $60 “event” tickets for the self-released film (filmed in 25 days on $4 million budget) and all kinds of special hoopla that is plenty more fun than sitting and worrying that your agent booked your film right and what “critics” think. And after that, Smith will direct just one more film.

At Sundance, Smith said:

I never wanted to know jack shit about business. I’m a fat, masturbating stoner. That’s why I got into the movie business. I thought that was where fat, masturbating stoners went. And if somebody had told me at the beginning of my career, you’re going to have to learn so much about business, finance, amortization, all that shit, monetization, I would have been like, ‘Fuck it. I’m just going to stay home and masturbate. That’s too much work, man.’ It took seven years for Clerks, a movie that cost $27,575, to go into profit.

The better option being:

It’s indie film 2.0 and in indie film 2.0 we sell our films ourselves.

And now, here’s your nightmare, in form of a teaser trailer: