Kids, Meth is Bad, M’kay? By Darren Aronofsky

11.09.11 Marina Galperina

METHRequiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky was tapped for The Meth Project’s aggressive TV campaign to, as per Agency Spy’s guess, “scare children to the point that they will never want to leave the house again.” You know some ba-a-ad stuff’s about to happen to this chick.

This decidedly stylish foursome of anti-drug PSAs all start up with a slow close-up of a young, crank bug-peppered mug in distress, zooming out and speeding up to reveal some heavy unpleasantness.

Apparently, even in their meth-induced mania do kiddies stick to gender stereotypes as **spoiler alert** screechy, suicidy females and fuming males whose greatest terror is gay for pay. Oh, sigh. Here here, sans “ass to ass,” ’cause they’re babies, but still, eeegh, addi-i-i-iction: