DRUGSSurely lured by the extremely graphic videos and photos of Russian DIY cheap alt heroin addicts with decomposing brains and sickly green flesh sliding off their bones, Vice has sent a pretty journalist into the Siberian town of Novokuznetsk to investigate. Enlightening.

Part 1:

TheĀ Krokodil Tears series isn’t bad, actually. So far, three of four parts are up. You get the full spectrum — the zonked out junky squatters cooking sulphur, iodine and codeine inside hollowed out project ruins and shooting it up with their stubby, rot-eaten fingers, the fragile Jesus freaks swaying at services in well-meaning but cultish Evangelical rehab clinics, the melancholy cop investigator who thinks heroin the trade boom is a terrorist revenge plot from Afghanistan… Worth watching.

Part 2:

Part 3: