NYC’s infamous nightlife photographer Merlin Bronques – and the brains behind Last Night’s Party – has just released a video, and though there’s partying and naked girls a-plenty, it’s much more than his usual broads-in-the-bathroom subject matter.

Shot like a sort of satiric documentary on the world of partying and those who capture it “first,” he pokes fun at the whole industry all while embracing its extremes — from the craziness to the blasé. Playing the role of his altar ego of the imitated Larry Mannequin to the backdrop tale of unrequited love, he leaves New York behind and travels the world in search of self… and lots of flash-happy females, of course.

The result is a fun & sarcastic look at his extravagant day-to-day, with a few Downtown celebrity cameos thrown in for good measure. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!