Holy shit this is dumb: state Sen. Carl Kruger wants to prohibit pedestrians from crossing streets and using their iPods, iPhones, and other devices at the same time. Up next: a ban on simultaneous walking and gum-chewing, and another against breathing through your mouth.

Seriously! What if we are crossing the street and we trip on our loosened up, dangling old shoelace–does this mean we should outlaw shoelace shoes in public rights-of-way? What if we are trying to open up a hard-to-open snack cake package while shuffling in the crosswalk, and a car almost hits us–does this mean we outlaw snack cakes? Where do we stop with the banning of things?

Reports the Fox News:

Kruger said a series of accidents in his Brooklyn district made him concerned about the number of pedestrians he saw paying closer attention to their devices than to what was in front of them.

He’s been trying since 2007 to ban the use of distracting gadgets by pedestrians crossing streets in major New York cities with a population of 1 million or more. Violators would face a $100 fine.

Do you like to jog or run or powerwalk? If so, you know the importance of motivational music. It can really make those miles go by a lot faster. Under this new rule, you would have to exercise to the sounds of traffic and ambulances and entitled weirdos coaching you to “go faster, girl.” The sounds of traffic and weirdos are not motivational at all. People will stop exercising in the streets, and because they are poor they will stop exercising, period, and then develop cancer-heart attacks-diabetes-stroke, and die. This law will kill people while trying to save them.

Can we all just agree to look both ways when crossing the street, especially when wearing headphones? If we all just do this, then nobody will die from headphone use, and this legislator will back off, and we can all keep exercising and getting sooooo skinny.