Take a whiff of OAK’s new Westside Christopher + West ’76 candle. Mmm… sweat, leather and flowers? That does smell like naughty disco. “The Lights of New York” series serves up each classic bodega candle shaped doozy saturated with the particular scent of an NYC intersection in time. They’re so immaculate, it’s disgusting.

Behold, the Bushwick McKibben + Bogart ’03 candle culled of booze, dust and drying oil paint aromas, the SoHo Prince + Mercer ’97 minimalist smell of storefront lemongrass and Calvin Klein, and the East Village St. Marks + First ’85 with metallic and incense highlights more sweat… as opposed to the ’11 alternate of ramen, rat poison and eviction tears?

I can appreciate a cleverly architectured smell gimmick, but this feels so clean, I feel like sprinkling them with piss for authenticity.