Thousands peacefully marched through the streets of Lower Manhattan earlier today, but a few hours later, all hell broke loose and per usual, it didn’t happen at Zuccotti Park. Throngs of protesters decided to try and actually occupy Wall Street, which the police weren’t about to let happen, leading to the arrests of least 10 or so people according to a legal observer from the National Lawyers Guild, but that was just the beginning.

After a brief standoff, packs of demonstrators started weaving their way through the Financial District, trying to find an alternate route to Wall Street, and chaos ensued.

Police on scooters started scrambling through the streets trying to find them as an NYPD chopper hovered overhead.

I witnessed at least a dozen arrests on Whitehall Street and saw people being loaded into a paddywagon.

Not surprisingly, at least one video has already surfaced, showing an officer in a white shirt beating back protesters at the corner of Broadway and Wall Street. Will this just embolden the protesters more like it has during previous arrests? (Photos: ANIMALNewYork)