The Nationalmuseum’s 200-artifact exhibit Lust & Vice on sexuality, sin and morality through the ages has everything: rusty chastity belts, olde orgy scribbles, a chest of very vintage wank-material and… contemporary art. Highlight: Lars Nilsson’s 1997 sculpture topped with seven levitating, anatomically explicit damsels, stripped, spread, chopped thigh-to-waist and titled He Was an Assman.

Another: Oscar Guermouche’s 2003 index of sexual encounters in alphabetized flash cards, each labeled and paired with a baggie of pubic hair. The hair is the artist’s own, “dyed, cut and curled” to resemble his lover’s. It’s titled 50. Show off. “Lust & Vice,” Mar 24 – Aug 14, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm