Maodonna, Pokemao and Ai God: The Travelogue of Dr. Brain Damages

Hong Kong-born, New York-based artist Kenneth Tin-Tin Hung appropriates web imagery into dense photo-collages and psychotic video animations that expose “draconian censorship of the Internet in China and Chinese government restrictions of freedom of expression.” There’s Ai Weiwei!

See Hung take on “injustice, corruption and hypocrisy” with Ai Weiwei cast as the Buddhist Guan Yin wielding a Twitter bird, a Lightsaber, a Chinese calligraphy brush and a laptop with “pornographic” Grass Mud Horse graphics — icon of citizens’ resistance to censorship. The video works are fantastic too.  “The Travelogue of Dr. Brain Damages,” Kenneth Tin-Tin Hung, May 26 – Jul 2, Postmasters Gallery