Mayor Bloomberg has gained a reputation for being quite generous on Halloween and when kids would trick-o-treat at his luxurious Upper East Side townhouse, they were greeted by someone in a costume handing out full sized candy bars, but that wasn’t exactly the case last night.

Although there was an Elmo present to welcome children eagerly seeking sugary confections, unlike previous years, they were given the snack sized candies that even plebeians households are known to dispense and for some, that was a major downer.

The same couldn’t be said for a few parents, one of whom was very were happy to receive a surprise glimpse of the billionaire:

“It’s definitely the closest I’ve ever been to him,” Robert Green said.

But not everyone was so impressed by the appearance:

His son, Logan, said he thought the mayor looked old.

Then things really went downhill from there:

A minute later, Elmo went inside. He was replaced by a police officer, who had no candy at all, miniature or otherwise.

“It’s all gone,” the policeman explained, when asked why Elmo had disappeared. He shrugged and added, “A thousand dollars’ worth of candy.”