This is the Nov 13th cover of The New York Times Magazine that illustrator Tim Enthoven drew out by hand. It’s a beaut! Which is conflicting, because it’s serious stuff. The cover story addresses last month’s prisoner swap when one young Israeli soldier who was kept by Hamas-affiliated captors since 2006 was returned in exchange for the release of 1027 Palestinian inmates, many who have been in Isreali prisons for years, their crimes ranging from involvement in terrorist activity to throwing rocks.  (Click to enlarge)

Why the ratio? The Israeli captive had become a celebrity because of his parents constant media campaigning for his freedom, meanwhile, Israel continued military action in Palestine, where the militant and citizen death toll rose by the hundreds.

Many of the released were exiled into other countries — Turkey, Venezuela, etc. There are reportedly 5,000 more Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Meanwhile, guess what, shit’s getting worse all the time and America’s done trying. That minimalist graphic still looking cute to you?