ANIMAL favorite Molly Crabapple has recently emerged from her Kickstarter-funded art project Week in Hell. After days of self-imposed exile spent covering the walls of an entire hotel room with a hand-drawn mural — plus sips of absynthe and visits from porn stars — she only lost it at the end of her arty binge when the work was done. Thatta girl. Here are some photos from the inside.

Molly tells ANIMAL:

I thought I was totally alright until the last day, when I finished a 20 foot stretch, jumped up and down, and collapsed on the floor, laying there for an hour, talking gibberish to the folks on my livestream.

It was total stream of consciousness — inspired in part by muses like Amber Ray and Stoya who came to visit me.  There’s a pi-tea party in one corner showing me and a dear friend’s sour inner selves, and a fishbowl filled with girls, and above the bed is a giant face vomiting girlthings, which I hoped would give me inspiring dreams.

Afterwards, I was pretty broken, and lay in bed for two days.

Cathartic. (Photos: Steve Prue)