Once again the pendulum swings on weed research and according to Australian scientists, smoking pot at an early age could lead to mental illness. Reuters reports on the frightening study that has the potential to shake the foundations of medicinal cannabis.

Brace yourselves:

Smoking marijuana has been linked with an increased risk of mental illness, and now researchers say that when pot smokers do become mentally ill, the disease starts earlier than it would if they didn’t smoke pot.

This means that serious psychiatric diseases that might not have shown up until kids were in their teens or twenties – or might never had developed at all – are starting in children as young as 12 who smoke marijuana.

They go on to explain that young smokers aged between 12 and 15 face a greater risk of developing a psychosis like schizophrenia. Uh oh, this sounds really damming, until you get towards the end of the article:

The vast majority of young people who use marijuana don’t develop psychosis. And so far, no one’s been able to prove that smoking marijuana actually causes psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, but the new research adds to “growing evidence” that it does, at least in some people, said Dr. Michael T. Compton at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, DC, who worked on the study.

A number of studies had already suggested that people develop schizophrenia at a younger age if they’ve been using pot – even if they weren’t heavy users — but not all researchers agreed.