Morrissey Hacked Into Google Earth

12.30.11 Marina Galperina

Someone at Google must be a Smiths fan. Apparently, if you “fly” over the latest Google Earth to Salford Lads Club in the UK and enable “3D buildings,” you’ll walk right into Morrissey.

The Google hack insert is a pixeled replica of Morrissey’s pose on the 1986 The Queen Is Dead LP, right at the virtual replica of the location at St Ignatius Walk in Salford, M5 3RX, United Kingdom, where the army of Moz-coiffed adorable clones ride bicycles in the “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” video.

So said a superfan on Morrissey-Solo or (you know “Morrissey So Low” if you please, Steven Patrick). As a skeptic, I tried it. It’s really there. Yey?