You know that episode of The Twilight Zone where a six-year-old brat with super mental powers is “making funny animals,” i.e. horrible, horrible mutants? Eyebeam’s current exhibit is a little bit like that, only the brat is the brilliant computer software “Creatomatic” which pairs two everyday objects for creative mischief and the mutants are an all-candle-wax chandelier and a tea-cup catapult contraption. It’s a good, good thing you made that, guys. A real good thing.

Also, though these hybrids are meant to be outrageous, at least Takeshi Miyakawa’s hot-wax-dripping chandelier has some practical purposes, perchance in some sort of erotic establishment with a penchant for dripping hot wax on people. Just an inkling. “The Creatomatic,” Group Show, Nov 29 – Dec 20, Eyebeam Project Space, NYC