Netflix Ups Prices 60%, Facebook Backlash Ensues

07.13.11 Marina Galperina

Since Netflix announced that they’re splitting their services into “Streaming Only” and “DVD Rental Only” ($7.99 each) and current streaming/renting customers $9.99 per month price is going up to $15.98, their customers are pi-i-i-issed. Their official Facebook announcement post has generated 30,000 angry comments.

The actual scope of Facebook wrath could actually be bigger: “The number was over 45000 at one point yesterday then they kept deleting as people were posting.”

Deleting comments? Big surprise.

More are being added every second — as in now — threatening to cancel their subscription, cursing about the “greed” and “bullshit” and bragging about being able to stream films illegally. No wonder Netflix is drowning… a legal corporation competing with a vast, international, mafia-run pirate network? Forget about it!

Remember when filmmakers could actually make money for making films?