New York Is a “Gruesome Experiment”

So says a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, based on statistics showing that 41% of local pregnancies end in abortion. Why would getting abortions become such a popular New York pastime? There’s condoms all over the place. Some of them haven’t even been used yet.

Well, either New Yorkers love to kill unborn babies, or contraception doesn’t work. Or both?

Let’s find out:

Four in every 10 new humans who begin life in New York do not survive to birth because of the deliberate violence of abortion. We’re customarily told that if one wants to reduce that, contraception’s the answer – prevent unwanted pregnancy and you won’t have unwanted humans diced up in utero.


And yet four of 10 children do not survive pregnancy as they are, apparently, “unwanted.” It’s as if New York were a vast, gruesome experiment, and the idea that lots of free rubbers reduce abortion has failed miserably.

OK, so that’s not really an answer. But the guy does live in Wisconsin, so how would he really know for sure. We can’t be too hard on him. At any rate, “diced up” is pretty gruesome. Maybe they use that term “diced up” in Milwaukee because of the whole Jeffrey Dahmer incident, which happened there. That was just a one-time deal, though, unlike NYC’s abortion parade. We can’t be too hard on Milwaukee.

At least one blogger believes that the “pro-abortion left” wants the rest of the country (which has a 24% abortion rate) to be like NYC, with its constant aborting. That sounds like quite a job, though, given all the steps involved in making an aborted baby. (Image: hiphopsuperhan)