People are mad about parking today, because the rates in Manhattan south of 86th St. just went up 50 cents to $3 an hour. Elsewhere in the city, it jumped from 75 cents to a $1. Meanwhile, the cost to park one’s bike remained the same: zero cents an hour. Zero cents = common sense!

You can even double-park by locking your bike perpendicular to the rack, and not pay a single penny extra. But this behavior isn’t recommended unless you want to become known as a “jerk asshole.”

As for all you drivers: Why do you live in New York City again? You would be better off in the suburbs, where half the land is a big parking lot made special for you and your car and your Bennigan’s fetish. But if you’re really committed to living in The City, take note: It could be worse. In Chicago, parking now costs $5 an hour, which is why everyone in Chicago now has to live in their cars.