No Gaga x Terry Richardson Watersports for You!

Well, womp womp, kiddies. After all those promises of lucrative pop star Lady Gaga “like, peeing in a cup” while aging prince flash-sleaze Terry Richardson cheers “Wow, baby, wow!” here tis: A big photobook, LADY GAGA X TERRY RICHARDSON, with some snagged preview pics above. Apparently, Terry was her personal paparazzi, following her around to make these 450 photos (Ey, who’s buying this? Do we have confirmed kinky shit?), but so far, nothing is more revealing than her introduction… Ahem:

“There is no moment too strange, no angle unflattering, no circumstance relying on blind artifice, and never a time that I feel embarrassed or unsafe. Awakened in me is a perverse liberation, inspiring me to feel that is okay to view yourself as hyper-human. This is how Terry views me. I am so real, he says, that I am unreal.”

Nah, this is not the venue to rehash Richardson’s rep and how it allegedly befouls Gaga, whatever. I like her Nobuyoshi Araki nude polaroids much better and he’s a perv too but HAHAHA. Did you see that? She actually says “no moment too strange, no angle unflattering, blah blah blah.” Read that slower. Instead of meaning “no angle too unflattering” (which, perhaps, she meant to mean) it comes out as “there are no unflattering angles.” That’s some truthiness, ain’t it?

So, look forward to flattering peeing pics.