It’s going to be a tough race for President Obama regardless of how ridiculously insane the Republican nominee is. He has to win back his base, re-energize young people and weather what’s sure to be an ugly GOP storm stretching from the U.S. to Nyang’oma Kogelo, despite just having just released his certificate of live birth.

He’s also not going to have the propagandist assistance of the graphic designer who created one of the most iconic political images ever for his 2008 campaign. I emailed Shepard Fairey to see if the White House reached out to him about doing something for 2012. “They have not contacted me. I doubt they will,” he wrote back.

The artist didn’t want to elaborate, but between the fallout from the AP lawsuit and more importantly, his consistent criticism of the president, even before Obama was sworn in and on subsequent occasions, this isn’t all that surprising, but is emblematic of the uphill battle he faces and how he won’t have the support of the people who helped get him to the top last time around.

On the flip side, being that Republicans have made it impossible to accept one of their candidates as a viable option, people like Shepard, me and the rest of the left will end up voting for Obama anyway. Still, it won’t be as easy without a good visual.