ANIMAL favorite and animal rights groups’ accidental starlet Miru Kim is doing a live performance at Art Basel Miami Beach this year. That amazing photo essay of Miru’s naked romp in the hog pits? She’s doing it live. The pigs and brave human animal will be confined to their live installation in the Primary Projects gallery and we’re crossing our fingers that it will be humane.

Inspired by Michel Serres’ book Five Senses: A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies and it’s idea of skin as “a membrane that allows exchange between exterior and interior of the body” and “a mingling point between the outer world and inner self, and between body and soul,” the artist will get down on all fours, for an explicit performance that’s “not explicitly political in nature.”

Apparently, the younger hogs are 150 pounds, curious and rowdy and she’s still carrrying bruises and teeth marks on her ass, where one “chomped down.” Careful now.