iheartHere’s a fresh trailer for New York Is Now which appears to be an art world doc featuring Richard Phillips, Spencer Tunick, other fancy people, gallery run-tours, enthusiastic hand gestures and disembodied catchphrases like “They don’t see art anymore, they see money.”

What it says it is:

Artist and publisher Noah Becker takes viewers on a fast-paced trip through the contemporary art scene in New York – now. Major artists, auction houses, curators and dealers alike put forth their views on issues of decentralization, the market climate, and the clash between real and virtual space via social media and the internet at large.

The trailer has ADD, but looks like an innneresting perspective perchance, or maybe, just maybe, it’s a NYC-beckoning viral crumb trail for out-of-towners that leads to a gingerbread house where the witch of career disappointment and despair will eat you.

Just kidding. Let the myth-making/art-making continue.

Favorite art cameo: Those Patrick Jacobs’ portals into dreamy grasslands we so love — they’re like glory holes for your heart.