NYC Gallerinas Get a Reality TV Show

08.03.11 Marina Galperina

Those young, pretty things garnishing Chelsea art galleries are now the latest NYC subculture to get the reality television treatment. Bravo has announced plans for “Paint the Town,” from the peddlers of “Work of Art” and “Top Chef.” Their press release makes ’em all sound like brown-nosing, transplant, shallow socialite party whores. Tsk tsk.

Fhe focus here is on exaggerating certain social intricacies of the profession and blowing them up to “reality” level:

The new docu-series gives viewers an inside look into the lives of six young women who moved to New York City with the dream of living a chic, fashionable, art-filled existence. During the day these women, who mainly work in the city’s trendiest art galleries, manage the stress of their demanding bosses, and struggle to get ahead in a business with so few opportunities to rise up the ranks. At night they are out at the hippest clubs, bars and art scene functions as they juggle their friendships, guys and elite art world acquaintances. These girls’ desire to live a glamorous NYC life is unwavering, but will they find it too difficult to survive in this competitive, expensive, relentless city?

Will they??? Stay tuned to find out.