Traditionally, when the NYPD does something wrong involving bikes, they either ratchet things up even further and make the situation way worse or they dig-in, but rarely do they say sorry. Surprise, surprise. Gothamist reports that the officers who WRONGLY ticketed cyclists in Central Park for allegedly speeding after clocking them going a little over 15 mph, personally apologized to 9 out of the 10 riders.

Is it possible that even the cops are embarrassed by this egregious type of anti-bike enforcement? It’s possible, although it’s more likely that the speed limit actually being 25 mph was the more compelling reason. All the tickets will reportedly be dismissed.

In related news a NYC councilmember wants to do what Transportation Alternatives has been trying to do for years: Get cars the hell out of the park and restrict them to the the east-west traverses where they belong and how Frederick Law Olmsted originally planned.