NPR has a review up today of an AP story that tells how the post-9/11 NYPD changed from a local police organization into a worldwide spy agency staffed with former CIA employees. According to investigative journalist Matt Puzzo, the New York’s Finest has close working relationships with international intelligence agencies as far flung as Lyon and Tel Aviv.

But what they’re doing at home is a lot scarier than just having friends in faraway places.

Puzzo describes the task force known as rakers. Emphasis ours:

“They have teams of undercover officers, they’re known as rakers, who basically just troll ethnic neighborhoods. One officer described it as mapping the human terrain of New York. They also have informants known as mosque crawlers, who as the name indicates, just sort of hang out in mosques, being the eyes and ears of the police department inside the mosques.”

All of the New Yorkers interviewed in the piece said that they were okay with the NYPD’s controversial efforts if they kept NY safe. We’re guessing those people weren’t the ones who had their religious spaces infiltrated by secret police.