NYPD Use Worst Forum Possible To Air Their Crude Prejudices

12.06.11 Bucky Turco

In September, a whole bunch of police officers chimed in on a Facebook group called “No More West Indian Day Detail,” and proceeded to say some really vile things about the annual parade and the people who attend it, which was all in public view until the comments suddenly disappeared.

The angry and boorish postings were discovered by a team of defense attorneys who used them in a trial to show the jury the attitudes held by many officers and later provided them to the New York Times.

At its peak, the group attracted about 1,200 members, proving that either the NYPD is really dumb or city cops just don’t give a fuck. Here’s some snippets of what was said:

“Drop a bomb and wipe them all out.”
“Let them kill each other.”
“It’s not racist if it’s true.”
“Why is everyone calling this a parade. It’s a scheduled riot.”
“Welcome to the Liberal NYC Gale, where if the cops sneeze too loud they get investigated for excessive force but the ‘civilians’ can run around like savages and there are no repercussions.”
“Bloodbath!!! The worst detail to work.”

Yeah, but what did they really think? (Photo: Mike Dougherty/flickr) UPDATE: Gothamist got hold of the ranty excerpts and you can read them in the embedded document below.
No More West Indian Day Detail 9.7.11 612 Pm